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Redesign Your Online Image

Many business professionals are looking for that one perfect headshot photo to use for their LinkedIn profile, e-mail signature or for their company website. These days it's critical to make the best impression online as well as offline, and the headshot photograph goes a long way to achieving that. Prior to the days of meeting someone for the first time and greeting them wearing your new designer suit, it's now the online profile that takes precedent. Your online persona is as critical to your image as your dress sense and interpersonal etiquette. If your LinkedIn biography and related personal images are the modern ingredients for career and business networking success, perhaps it’s time to elevate them to a higher level of professionalism?

There are many ways to make a good first impression with your profile photo. One of them is to have a clear and well-lit image that shows your face in its entirety. A great headshot is a photograph that captures the likeness, personality, and expression of the subject. Typically, you want to have a neutral background, but you could also use color to draw attention to your face and make it stand out.

A good profile photo is clear and business-like, with a smiling face and appropriate attire. It should be sized according to the site’s recommendations, and it should be cropped to show only you. To be more visible on LinkedIn, you need to have a well-designed profile photo that meet’s their requirements.

Headshots do not need to be boring! The most common type of headshot is a with the subject facing forward. This type of photo is typically used by business people, however you could also be adventurous and get some photos taken from the side or at an angle. If you want more variety, a close-up shot can be taken with a smile, focusing on one part of your face. Close-ups are typically used by actors, models, and other professionals who want to show off their facial features such as teeth, eyes, and eyebrows.

You can have a professional looking headshot that you can use for different purposes like social media, marketing or emailing – basically for anything in your business life. Photography has always been a critical part of modern business that wants to portray the right image. It helps in connecting with customers, building trust and credibility, reflecting the company’s culture and values.

Headshots are typically used for personal branding, but they are becoming more and more commonly utilized for business purposes. For example, a company may use headshots to promote their new team members or showcase their executives. A headshot is often used to identify or promote an individual in the mass media or on social media. Headshots are also useful for people who want to be identified with their profession.

The new trends in profile photos are not just about the look and feel of the photo, but also about the message that it delivers. Just like you invested in your designer shoes for that special business meeting, perhaps it’s also time you invested in your online professional appearance, to elevate your career and business to the next level?

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