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Corporate Identity as a Catalyst for Growth

An organization's corporate identity is found in the image that it presents to the public. A positive corporate identity will help a company gain trust from customers and clients, which will lead to increased profits.

The future of an organization’s identity is in its ability to align its company values with that of its customers. Understanding this and planning for it will help a business maintain its image as well as increase trust among customers and clients. When a company’s values are aligned with their target audience, they can be more confident in their long-term planning decisions.

Corporate identity is the set of values, beliefs, and behaviors that a company wants to convey to its customers. It's a representation of the company in the eyes of their customers, so creating an alignment in morals, beliefs, and perspective is seen as the key to success. The main goal for any organization is to maintain the trust and loyalty of their clients in order to grow that relationship and maintain its profitability. One way that companies can do this is by projecting an image that reflects their corporate identity with transparency and integrity to its customers.

The future holds many opportunities for corporations to grow and expand their business. The established corporate identity can be the basis for this growth. Why? It gives guidance and direction, allowing it to maintain alignment with its customer base and ultimately customer fulfillment. The mission statement of a company is the foundation on which its corporate identity is built and represents the core of the organization image.

It could be argued that Google’s original mission statement “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful” gave a clear vision of Google’s aspirations and became a self-fulfilling prophecy. It had to align its service with the mission statement and of course, customer expectations. The result was Alphabet Inc 2021 revenue at $257 billion. This may not be the direct result of having a mission statement, but the corporate identity Google developed over the years significantly contributed to it being the world’s number one search engine.

Ultimately, if an organization will grow if it can fulfil its original mission statement, knowing that the corporate identity matches that of customer expectations, beliefs and values. The corporate identity permeates through the business or organization via various medium from the mission statement to imagery, communications, product development and product/service quality. These elements combined form the “corporate identity” which can become the deciding factor for new customers. Tesla, Apple and many other highly successful corporations will attest to this formula, perhaps it’s time for your business to refine its identity as a catalyst for growth?

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