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Can Smartphones Replace Professional Photography When it Comes to Business?

Smartphone photography has become a phenomenon over the last ten years. Whether it is Instagram stories or Facebook, social media users are obsessed with sharing photos every day. Smartphone cameras have come a long way and can capture brilliant images in the right conditions. However, they can’t compete with the experience and expertise that professional photographers bring to the art of photography. Corporate photography should be less “hit and miss” and more about consistency, and a continuation of brand values through quality imagery.

Cellphones certainly have their place in life when it comes to photography. Users share 6.9 billion images every day using WhatsApp, with the majority of those photos derived from the ubiquitous cellphone. If you want to share your children’s first day of school or your weekend away, a smartphone camera is the perfect choice. You can capture that spur of the moment decision, they are quick and easy to use with no time spent setting up and the final product can be conveniently loaded up to social media in seconds.

But are smartphones the right tool for a business serious about their brand image? Professional photographers are trained creatives who are well equipped to offer you a broad range of photography styles. You can choose a photographer whose work you love and whose style you connect to. Hiring a professional photographer means you have more time to get on with what you do best. It can be difficult to find the time to take beautiful images of your products, but photographers focus on taking the best shots as their sole daily occupation.

A professional photographer can produce the ideal images you meet your business requirements. They understand lighting can transform an image from good to great. Poor lighting can ruin a great photo and make it look average. If you are using natural light, it can be tricky to get the right amount without using studio equipment. Editing skills are important for all photographers, whether professional or amateur, however, a professional photographer has the skills needed to get the image looking just how you want it. Studio equipment can be used to create stunning images that are difficult to obtain even from the highest spec smartphones.

Smartphone photography has come a long way over the years and can be used to create some stunning images. But the professional touch which incorporates experience, creative intelligence and knowledge that a corporate photographer brings, cannot be replicated by amateur cellphone photos. If you want to be at the leading edge of business in your sector, your brand imagery is critical. If you demand high quality images which match the standards your brand represents, investing in business photography will reap your business rewards for many years to come.

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